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IMPAC's Transition Plan

Before the actual starting date of a contract, IMPAC has a great deal of work to do to ensure that the change in management is smooth, efficient and effective for your community. Our Transition Plan, as outlined below, is generally a 30-day process during which the Board is continually updated on our progress.

Assemble Transition Team

Bert and Accella Smith actively oversee all transitions. At least one month prior to the beginning of our management term, they appoint two staff members to work exclusively on the operations and administrative transition for your community. One of these members generally becomes the on-site manager or the off-site liaison for your Association. If it is necessary to hire new personnel, our Transition Team remains intact until such new personnel is completely familiar with your community and able to carry out all duties to the satisfaction of the Board. The Transition Team has available to them the support of IMPAC's administrative staff.

Evaluate Current Management and Operations Procedures and Community-Specific Needs

The first job of the Transition Team is to identify your community-specific needs and to evaluate the proficiency with which they are being met. The input of Board and community members is invaluable in helping us to determine the requirements, expectations and overall satisfaction of the community. We examine existing procedures and put to work our expertise to pinpoint areas that need modification or improvement.

Establish Necessary Procedural Changes or Improvements

Along with its Evaluation Report, the Transition Team submits a plan for modification and improvement that is reviewed by Bert and Accella and presented to the Board.
Our long experience enables us to recognize methods that work efficiently. We also recognize existing procedures that are working well - those we leave in place and, indeed, learn from. IMPAC is not an 'our way or no way' company. Our goal is not necessarily to change but to improve management service to your community.

Evaluate Current Personnel

If your Association directly employs personnel, IMPAC recognizes them as valuable resources. Already familiar with community-specific needs, your existing staff members can make the transition to a new management company easier for both your community and for IMPAC.

We do take an objective look at each individual's performance and potential. We try to avoid staff reductions, carefully weighing budget allowances, the need for adequate personnel and the impact that staff changes will have on the community. Recommendations concerning existing staff are presented to the Board.

All of our Management Staff are enrolled in the CAI program for the designation of Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) and attend the following courses:

  • Essentials of Community Association Management
  • Legal Basis for Community Associations
  • Meeting and Business Communications
  • Association Operations
  • Asset Protection
  • Management Office Management
  • Advanced Insurance and Risk Management
  • Managing the Large Scale Association
  • Manager and The Law
Recruit Personnel (if necessary)

If it is necessary to hire new personnel, IMPAC carefully screens all potential employees. All hiring decisions are made without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, physical handicap, citizenship, national origin/ancestry, lawful alien status, veteran status or military eligibility, in compliance with all applicable laws, executive orders and regulations regarding non- discrimination in employment.

Evaluate/Upgrade Current Equipment

Vital management activities for your community are performed on computer - A/P, A/R, account histories, service history, payroll, financial reporting, correspondence, record keeping and more. Our Transition Team will evaluate existing computer hardware and software for compatibility with IMPAC's system.
The Team will also examine such equipment as the telephone system, fax machine, copier and other equipment that your Association may own to be sure that it adequately meets the needs of your community.

Recommendations for equipment upgrades, if any, are presented and fully explained to the Board.

Review Records, Contracts and Documents

The Transition Team examines the Association's records, contracts and Documents to assure that outstanding items are given attention, agreements are complied with, deadlines or expiration dates are not overlooked and that all provisions within the community Documents are adhered to.

Coordinate On-Site Operations with Administrations

Our administrative staff in Whiting carries out a large amount of work for your community. They handle billing, collections, accounts payable, financial reporting, special correspondence and other functions as needed. Resident calls regarding these items are directed to our toll free number.

Our administrative personnel must be as familiar with your on-site operations as is the on-site staff. This not only assures smoother operations but also creates a safety network that can meet with crisis situations.

This coordination requires a great deal of planning, cooperation and communications. It requires: familiarizing our administrative staff of your community-specific needs and concerns; establishing clear communications between the on-site and administrative staffs, assigning at least one administrative staff member as liaison for the on-site team; establishing quick access to records and information; creating both hard copy and computer files for every unit owner; and developing and scheduling procedures in our administrative office that will allow the operation of your community to flow smoothly and routinely.

Successful Transition

IMPAC offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your community-specific needs. Our staff works diligently to accommodate special requirements or non-contract requests.

A successful transition is complete when a partnership built on trust exists between IMPAC and your community. Service is prompt and reliable; staff is efficient and accessible; problems are solved soundly and expeditiously; and your community is satisfied that ...

We Manage Well!

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