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About Us

Code of Ethics
Our staff is led by our 10 Guiding Principles:

  1. The homeowner is the single most important person in our management lives.
  2. A call from a homeowner is not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it.
  3. Homeowners are entitled to call; we are not doing them a favor by taking their call.
  4. Our job is to serve, not to argue or match wits.
  5. The homeowner deserves the most courteous and attentive treatment we can provide.
  6. The association is not dependent on us; we depend on it.
  7. The people we serve are human beings with feelings and emotions just like ours.
  8. We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.
  9. Our job is to assure the safety, security and comfort of others.
  10. Our mission is to always maintain the highest level of management standards in our profession.

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